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On Tuesday, April 11, 2016, CBS ran a segment about drivers who did not provide medical information to the examiner such as sleep apnea, which has led to an increase in the number of serious accidents as well as fatalities. It was presented by the CBS Transportation Correspondent Kris Van Cleave. He was a high achiever in college, and just recently (in 2015) got appointed to this position. He has no apparent experience in the transportation industry.

No reference to the chiropractic profession was made in the earlier presentations of this segment during the day, however the evening news ran one that included a derogatory comment about the chiropractic profession. And yes, the comment about DCs was indeed derogatory.

Dr. Michael Megehee, Dr. Dave Thorpe, and Mr. John Falardo of ACA reviewed this and responses were sent. Apparently, hundreds of chiropractors around the country also responded. There has been no response from Mr. Van Cleave that we are aware of to any of these emails from DC’s around the country.

The email that was used was

It has not bounced back.

One can only speculate as to how this was added for the evening show. Interestingly, representatives of national trucking organizations we are friendly with were also upset with this very obvious hit on our profession. They had been interviewed by Mr. Van Cleave and no discussion concerning the chiropractic profession ever occurred with them. Might we conclude that possibly there was interaction with a medical organization? One can only speculate.

Here is the clip for your review. Remember, the reference to the chiropractic profession did not exist in the earlier versions of this segment, but was added to the evening news segment.

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