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Please sign the petition to allow Chiropractor to continue to perform DOT Exams in New York

It has been obvious that since the beginnings of the development of the National Registry, that some elements of political medicine have lobbied against the inclusion of the profession of chiropractic and have overtly attempted to eliminate us from participation. Initially these efforts involved direct commentary of their opinion to the FMCSA itself. This was unsuccessful and the chiropractic profession has been able to participate based on State law. Since 2005, it was identified that all states except Virginia, Michigan and Washington allowed a chiropractor to perform DOT physical examinations within their scope. This was confirmed through direct interaction of representatives of the FCLB and each states licensing Board, and this information was then provided to the FMCSA. To this date, chiropractic CMEs are listed in all states that confirmed our ability to perform DOT physical examinations. 

There were a few challenges that were initiated during the early years concerning our participation. Rhode Island, Texas and California had some initial concerns, but each state was able to address these concerns successfully at that time.

In 2013, and culminating in a legal decision in 2014 a more aggressive approach was initiated in the state of Connecticut which focused on our competence to perform these examinations. This culminated in our successful defense of our abilities and it appeared that the challenges were over. SEE THE CONNECTICUT CASE.

Now we are being challenged in the state of New York. This time not on competence, but on scope, or in essence what we treat. It is based on certain aspects of the enabling law that relate to what a chiropractor treats, the word subluxation, and a newly defined type of physical examination called a chiropractic physical examination (this wording does not exist anywhere within the enabling law itself but was provided by the board). SEE THE NEW YORK CHALLENGE.

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